I am Antonis Maronikolakis, a PhD student in LMU, researching in the intersection of NLP and Deep Learning.

Previously I was a student at the University of Sheffield, from where I graduated with a First Honours Master’s degree in Speech and Language Processing. I was part of the VoiceBase research lab for Speech Processing in the University of Sheffield, working on Deep Learning and Language Modelling methods to enhance Speech Processing models.

In the summer of 2017, I mentored under Dr. Norvig, for the Google Summer of Code program. There I worked on ML and NLP algorithms, writing about and implementing concepts for educational purposes. I am also semi-active on Kaggle, where I have taken part in two competitions, winning a silver and a bronze medal. My open-source work on the platform has also been featured on Kaggle’s newsletter.

You can find my (mostly up-to-date) resume here.